My role & responsibilities – Benchmark & UI Design
Timeline – 1 month
Context – The brief for this project was to design an e-commerce. Instead of simply creating a fictitious one, I decided that I would redesign


The problem

In this project, I was asked to create an e-commerce and do three visual, detailed wireframes (home, category page, and a product page).


The process

I began this project by first doing analyzing’s existing site.

Some flaws included: 
– Poor information architecture (lack of clarity around category names, important items towards the bottom)
– Visual design (overlapping text, use of colors) 
– Business strategy (near to none CTAs, lack of trying to upsell)

After analyzing the current state of, I decided to do a benchmark analysis of Zara’s competitors. I analyzed the websites of 25 fashion brands. The two main websites that influenced my design the most were Express and Lululemon.

After having a clear understanding of what needed to be changed on its existing website to knowing what Zara’s competitors were doing, I began to sketch out how I imagined the three pages. After several sketches/iterations, I created the final version in Adobe XD (which can be seen in the video above).

Some of the lessons that I learned from redesigning were: 1) balance design and function (one may have a super well designed website, but if people can’t navigate it, it’s doesn’t matter) 2)  have call to actions on every screen, 3) the option to “like” or “favorite” clothes is a must for fashion e-commerce today.

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