Mima ice cream 

My role & responsibilities – UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design
Timeline – 6 months
Context – This was a group project for my Master’s in Design and Internet Web Project Direction at ELISAVA.


The problem

Create a responsive e-commerce website.

Our team wanted to develop an e-commerce website for a real business. With this in mind, we chose Mima Ice Cream, a dessert store in Barcelona. We decided to highlight its flagship product, macarons ice cream sandwiches. 


The process

To better understand Mima and the users who buy their products, stores, I first visited their stand in La Boqueria and their store in Poble Sec.

Here are some of the insights that I gathered:
La Boquería:
– It’s not an official Mima stand.
– Their clients are mostly tourists.
– Families usually buy only one macaron (maybe because of the price) and share among themselves.

Poble Sec:
– They offer 7 different macarons options.
– They sell macarons 2-3 times a day via Glovo.
– They put the macarons in a box so that they stay frozen and do not break.

Also worth noting is that customers cannot choose the ice cream and personalize their own macaron. 

Before we began thinking of our solution, we decided to do a benchmark of direct and indirect competitors. Each of us was tasked to research at least three competitors. One indirect competitor that I found was Express Scripts, an online prescription drug delivery service. Although it doesn’t sell ice cream, I still found it valuable to learn about how they maintain the temperatures of the drugs, and keep them intact, when delivering them.

I interviewed a 33-year-old woman who wasn’t a fan of ordering food online. In addition to conducting the interview, I was the one who created the interview guide.

In addition to interviewing four people, we surveyed 64 people. I created and administered this survey. 

Important insights:
– The three features that make buying easier are reviews, a search engine and having an account.
– 56% of respondents buy food online.
– Desserts are often given out on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.
– Individuals are less likely to buy something online if 1) the shipping costs are too high, 2) they feel their payment information is not safe, and 3) the product is different than advertised.
– 82% of respondents bring food to events.


Our research helped us create three provisional personas: Carlos, Jordi, and Emilia. We kept them in mind when we started creating our final solution. 


We decided to focus on the following features for our MVP:

– Personalization – The user can choose the color of the macaron, the flavor of ice cream, and the toppings.

– Recommendations – In each pack, there will be suggestions of similar macarons.

– Schedule a delivery – The user can schedule his/her order to arrive at an exact time.

– Geolocation – When ordering macarons at home, the user can see where the delivery is and follow it in real time.

– Save favorites + shopping history – The user has the option to save their favorites and also see their purchase history to speed up their next purchase.


After we were done conducting research, it was time to start designing. Everyone was responsible for sketching several wireframes.


I was responsible for creating Mima’s new visual identity, by choosing the fonts, colors, and designing the new logo. I wanted all the graphical elements to convey one message — eating a macaron ice cream sandwich isn’t your typical, everyday experience, it is much more than that. It is about the emotions that one feels when they’re taking their first bite. In the end, I decided on bold colors and easily-readable typography. To further appeal to the consumer, I created names for each product and accompanied the product with a humorous description.

This video shows the new web design for Mima Ice Cream on a desktop and mobile device. I was responsible for the video's original concept and helped with the storyboarding. As a way of practicing my graphic design skills, I also created the final report book that documented our entire design process.

One of the biggest lessons that I learned from this project was how to “think outside the box”. The initial ideas that our group proposed, were far from original. However after creating a basic proposal, our tutors challenged us to come up with a bolder design. What was this new challenge that they presented to us? Design an e-commerce website without a scroll bar. After a couple more months of hard work, we reached our final result.

I believe in our solution, and our group hopes to establish an official collaboration with Mima Ice Cream. We would like to expand the website so that it includes more of Mima’s products.

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