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The UX Playing Field In 2019

With January almost behind us, I hope you are still going strong with your New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you want to enter the field of UX, or whether you’re a seasoned expert looking to up your game, here are the latest trends to be aware of this year.

Becoming a UX Designer

Several weeks ago, a few of my closest friends graduated with a Master’s in Design and Internet Web Project Direction from ELISAVA. They are all great designers and have taught me so much. However, did these marvelous people become illustrators, graphic designers, user experience researchers overnight? No. It took them time, dedication and I imagine, plenty of long sleepless nights. 

The Start Of Something New

A few hundred dollars. A flight to San Francisco. Countless emails to the Consulate. After all of that and more, I still could have turned back. I could have “missed” my flight and returned home to Seattle. I could have given up, before even starting. However, I am not a quitter.

What Moms Taught Me About UX

Stay-at-home moms are currently expected to do everything. With a million different tasks needing to get done every second, it can be difficult for them to keep track of it all. There are countless to-do apps, but none that answer the question, “Where should I start?”

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