5 Tips For Covering Events On Social Media

In a given year, there are thousands of industry-related conferences.

Whether you are attending an industry-related conference on behalf of a client or for your own personal benefit, these events are great opportunities to learn the latest trends, network and provide a nice break from the daily grind at work. As they try to seek more attendees, social media is becoming a key component to any successful conference.

Here are a few tips to bring your social media A-game to the next event or conference you attend:

1. Do Your Research

Before you go to an event or conference, be sure to do your homework. Does the conference have a hashtag? What are people saying online about it? Create a list of Twitter handles of the keynote speakers and session presenters that you can refer to throughout the conference.

2. Have the Appropriate Tools

My go-to conference social media management tool is Hootsuite. What I love about Hootsuite is that it allows me to see all of my scheduled tweets/posts at a glance and, I can set up several streams to monitor the conference hashtag, speakers, mentions and more.

3. Use Social Media to Be Social

Don’t hide behind your phone or tablet the entire time of the conference. Use social media to connect with fellow attendees, exhibitors and speakers. You never know who you might meet!

4. You’re Not In This Alone

I often attend conferences that have thousands of attendees. Although I constantly feel that I am the only attendee capable of informing the masses, I have to take a step back and appreciate the content that others are sharing. I take time to read other people’s tweets and benefit from their perspective. Sharing other people’s content can lead to great networking opportunities.

5. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Moment

Although trying to capture every keynote and breakout session on social media can be exciting, it can also be exhausting. In a recent blog post of mine, I advise people to put away their phone and take time to smell the roses.

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