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Before we know it, summer will be over. The nice, warm sunny days will quickly be replaced with clouds and rain. We have really two options (a) we can either complain about how it is already July or (b) take advantage of every minute that summer has to offer. I choose the latter.

Here are a few of the ways that I am taking advantage of summer:

  • Read, Read, Read
    I love to read, I just have never had the time until now. If you aren’t reading a book right now, go to your nearest library or bookstore and pick one up. I am currently reading A Leader’s Legacy, by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posne. This book, recommended to me by some mentors of mine, talks about the essential questions that all leaders must ask themselves in order to leave a lasting impact.

    In addition to reading books out of pure enjoyment, the summer is a great time to stay up to date on industry trends. Some of my go-to websites are and

  • Develop a New Skill
    Summer is a great time to develop a new skill or refine a talent. Set your professional career aside for a moment and ask yourself, “What have I always wanted to learn how to do?” Did you think of something? If so, go out and make it happen. I have always wanted to learn graphic design and thanks to the power of the internet, I am doing just that.
  • Intern
    Although it may be difficult to get an internship this late in the summer, you can start planning for next summer.  There is no better way to prepare you for the workforce than by doing an internship. Paid or unpaid, seek out opportunities that will give you the experience that you need to be a better PR professional, marketer, accountant, etc.
  • “Summer Cleaning”
    With a little more free time, I would recommend that individuals review their résumés and really make them perfect. Now would also be a good time to polish up your personal portfolio, if you have one. Mine still needs work, but it is getting there.

Although all of these things can keep anyone busy, let’s not forget to keep our lives balanced and enjoy this summer.

How are you advancing your professional career and taking advantage of this summer?




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